Make it not-boring

I have a post brewing on shame and empathy, but a series of tight deadlines is allowing me no space to think that through. Two projects require short written articles on topics that have elsewhere taken chapters and I’m struggling to find the hook.

“everything is boring until a writer makes it not-boring”

That quote from this article: Parenting Actually Is a Boring Subject (but It’s Worth Writing About Anyway) in The Atlantic yesterday.

And I won’t say that it’s helped me write my articles, but it did spark thoughts about the ability to notice beauty, to to be present. A conscious pause before reverting to past judgements. A shared conversation on noticing difference.

Yesterday, shepherding my oldest girl (she’s two) to daycare, my wife remarked on the cornice of a brownstone that had been painted a vivid yellow. “I never noticed that before,” she said. I nodded. I hadn’t noticed it either, although I said I supposed it had probably been there awhile. I added that I rarely looked up at this particular building, instead focusing on the exterior door, with its rough-hued iron bars and blue-tinted plate glass windowpanes. That always caught my eye. Such conversation! American Gothic comes to Brooklyn.

[Days 38-41: Reflection]


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