Radical Genorosity

What does it mean to be human?

“I believe it means practicing a radical generosity  and empathy, especially when it’s a struggle”.

– Emily Rapp, “Someone to Hold Me“, Salon.com, 12th July 2012.

My mind is a jumble tonight. Yesterday I travelled, safely to my destination, but tense around the edges. No space to think. Except both yesterday and today, with the news of a friend-of-friends death, I’ve been thinking about eulogies and grief. And more specifically, how might I adequately and wholly express grief at the loss of friend or family in a way that didn’t just reflect my loss, but honoured the grief and need of those around me. Partly a reflection on taking that call, and partly wondering about solace.

“I pulled at the skin of my chest as if my heart and palm were magnets and I could force the one out with the other. I wanted somebody – anybody – to hold me, break me, annihilate me as if this might prove that I still existed…”

Emily Rapp’s essay on “Someone to hold me” makes it clear what it’s like, and what might be needed to help someone in pain. Touch, warmth, proof of existence  Acknowledgement. May I be brave enough when someone (anyone) needs to be held.

[Day 6,7: Reflection]