Towards the end of last year, I had come to terms with my persistent pessimism, surrendered to it, but not quite sure how to proceed for the future.

Over Christmas a friend gave me a copy of Meg Wheatley’s book, “So Far From Home: Lost and found in our brave new world“. In exploring the current world we’ve created, Wheatley invites us to move from trying to change the world and instead  to become a “warrior” for the human spirit. A warrior that is brave, and vows not to use aggression.

“Warriors have only two weapons at their disposal: compassion and insight.” (p. 132)

Wheatley suggests that compassion feels easier to access, but for me insight is far more easily retrieved. Hence, an experiment – a commitment – to explore compassion, and develop a series of work, family and individual practices that bring compassion (and insight) closer to hand.

Starts on Day 1.



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