RadioLab on Morality

Through the Charter for Compassion website, I found a link to a RadioLab podcast on Morality (Season 2 Episode 3).


RadioLab explores responses to the “railway track” ethical dilemma

In exploring responses to ethical dilemmas, the episode looks at whether our sense of right and wrong comes from deeply ingrained instincts within the brain, or develops over time. It touches on issues of shame and guilt and wonders how these experiences shape our response to empathy.

There is so much in this hour that links back to the other things I’ve been researching that it’s taken me days to write nothing. Instead I offer this as an update and a bookmark for me to return to in exploring brain science, parenting, shame and ethical dilemmas further.

[Days 14-19: Listening to this, Researching more]

(Image Credit: National Library of Ireland on The CommonsThis photo was taken on January 21, 1959 in Windy Arbour, Dublin, DUB, IE.)


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